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Attorney Mark Davis, founder of The Law Office of Mark Davis, LLC has always lived his life to accomplish nothing less than excellence. Mark A. Davis has written the following to give you his professional recommendation for hiring and attorney to represent your legal interests.

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How Do You Select An Attorney?

Selecting an attorney is not easy, but you may prefer some characteristics over others. The characteristics shown below do not in any way predict the outcome of litigation or portray any possible result. You must make your own decisions as to what characteristics you prefer in your attorney.

  1. Your attorney should care about you.

    To be an effective advocate on your behalf, your attorney must care about you and your case. Trust is integral to the attorney-client relationship. Attorney Mark Davis became an attorney, after having worked in the business world, because he wanted to help people. It is his philosophy to "partner" with clients instead of simply telling them what to do.
  2. Your attorney should be experienced.

    Attorney Mark Davis has courtroom experience in both bench and jury trials. Please note that prior trial experience, while helpful, is not a predictor of success in any one case. As an adjunct professor of both business and law for the University of Toledo's undergraduate program, Mr. Davis considers himself fortunate to be able to help business clients grow and to help ensure their protection from legal liability.
  3. Your attorney should know the law.

    Through the help of great teachers, Mark Davis graduated with Honors from the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University and received the honor of being on the law review.  Having passed both the Ohio and Michigan bars on the first try, he often reviews fundamentals while keeping abreast of recent developments.
  4. Your attorney should represent you as your champion in court and should be mentally tough and a gentleman warrior.

    Attorney Mark Davis has had the good fortune to win international martial arts tournaments, which admittedly does not relate to the law, but may show characteristics, such as tenacity, that you might desire in someone fighting for your rights.

    Not always a sportsman, Mark Davis also revealed his intellectual side as a chess champion on the local, state, and national levels. Although some lawyers compare litigation to a chess match, a disclaimer must be made that prowess on a chess board does not determine success in the courtroom.

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The Law Office of Mark Davis, LLC prides itself on the long lasting relationships that have been established with many of the clients and attorneys the firm has served over the years.  Mr. Davis is committed to maintaining open communications with clients and believes that is the right of every client to be informed on the status of his or her legal matters.

If you require professional legal services regarding Family Law, Divorce, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death, and other issues, be proactive in protecting your legal rights by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Toledo attorney & lawyer.

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